Get a Consultation

Occasionally people reach out to me asking for help with things. These things can include:

  • “How do I get started with freelance programming?”
  • “How do I build a web application that does X?”
  • “I have a business idea. How should I go about moving forward?”
  • “I have this weird rash. What do you think it’s from?”

I’m happy to help with these things to the extent that I can. I’m often happy to answer quick questions over email. (If you email me with a question that’s related to a skin condition, please include a photo to help with diagnosis.)

For questions that involve nuance or require a deeper discussion, I’m afraid that I’m becoming sufficiently pressed for time that I have to charge for most “brain-picking” meetings. And because I’m charging for them, I’m going to get fancy and call it a “consultation”.

Here’s how my consultation process works:

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. If things look to be in order (i.e. you don’t appear to be nuts), I’ll get back to you
  3. You’ll pay the consultation fee ($300/hr, minimum one hour)
  4. We’ll schedule a time to talk
  5. We’ll talk
  6. You’ll be better equipped to start your freelancing career, build your web application, or pick out the correct ointments

Jason Swett Consultation Application