My current chief aim in life

I recently made a poorly-worded attempt to explain how I look at life. I don’t know that a lot of my friends/family/acquaintances really actually understand how I look at life and what I value, and I for some reason feel compelled to explain what I’m all about.

Just now I came up with what I think is a concise way to describe this “season” of my life.

I’m working to unburden myself from the need to earn an income so I can instead use my time in the most worthwhile possible ways.

The obvious unanswered question here is what are those “most worthwhile” ways for a person to spend his or her time, but I doubt anyone would argue that if you had a billion dollars, the most worthwhile possible way for you to spend your time would be for you to get a regular job somewhere. So hopefully this expression makes sense.

I’d be interested to hear any thoughts anyone has on this idea.

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