The Secret Alliance of Freelance Programmers

I run a Slack for freelance programmers called The Secret Alliance of Freelance Programmers. What’s it all about? Wouldn’t you like to know.

Members of the Secret Alliance of Freelance Programmers (or SAFP, pronounced “SAFP”) are only admitted entry after a period of intense scrutiny as well as physical and psychological hazing. When it’s all over you won’t be the same person or be able to look your mother in the eye.

What exactly is involved in this rite of passage? Mostly it involves filling out the following application form.

I know it looks easy. It’s just four questions. But by the end of the form-filling process most applicants are confused, afraid, sobbing, and begging Jesus for mercy. And then you have to do a full context switch and click Submit. Can you handle it, you fucking baby? Go ahead and try.

If you survive this punishing ordeal your reward will be to join a space where you can talk freelancing with other programmers, pass leads, and make your wildest and most perverted freelancing dreams come true.

Aside from the mental cost, the fee for joining SAFP is $199 renewed annually. I’ll send payment instructions upon approving your application.

Secret Alliance of Freelance Programmers Application Form