I recently finished Einstein by Walter Isaacson on Audible.

I actually don’t find Einstein himself to be terribly fascinating. I like polymaths like Benjamin Franklin and Leonardo Da Vinci, so even though he was a genius, Einstein seems kind of one-dimensional by comparison.

I was also disappointed to discover that (like Ben Franklin) Einstein was apparently a shitty dad. He abandoned a daughter he had early in life and seemed to have a pretty cool and distant (emotionally and geographically) relationship with his other kids.

I did find the science kind of interesting, although I didn’t really grasp it. I didn’t previously understand the theories of relativity at all and I think all that I understand better now is that it would require a lot more study for me to begin to grasp them.

One piece of understanding I did gain that I find pretty interesting is that gravity and acceleration are the same thing. When an elevator goes up and you momentarily feel like you’re pushed to the floor, that’s literally the same thing as gravity (in my understanding). I find that pretty crazy.

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