Entrepreneurship Journal, 3/31/2016

I’ve been subcontracting with a certain development agency since late January. On Monday afternoon I found out that they had unexpectedly run out of work for me.

I got to work immediately on Monday on finding my next gig and since then I’ve had four prospect conversations. I have one more call scheduled for tomorrow. Then on Sunday I fly to Vegas for MicroConf, so it will be an interesting challenge to try to continue my client search while also getting the appropriate amount of value out of my MicroConf investment. I’m hoping and expecting MicroConf to be a good place to find potential clients as well.

Freelance Launch Kit is on hold for the time being as I imagine it’s probably wise for me to put all of my focus into finding my next gig. This unexpected loss of work and subsequent scramble to find another client is not doing any favors for the imposter syndrome I was already feeling toward writing the book. I was also banned from /r/freelance recently (banned for 30 days) because someone asked how to build a network as a freelance programmer and my response included a link to my blog post about how to build a network as a freelance programmer. I don’t feel too upset about some overexcited moderator banning me but it definitely hinders my ability to be helpful to the community.

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