Entrepreneurship Journal, 4/19/2016

Last time I wrote I said my client had unexpectedly run out of work for me. Fortunately, I did in fact find a new client at MicroConf. I traveled all the way to Vegas only to run into someone I had met in college over ten years ago who now runs a Rails dev agency. What a crazy place the world is.

Another thing that came out of MicroConf was a decision to kill Freelance Launch Kit and focus on AngularOnRails.com as my next product business endeavor. Previously, the only way I could conceive of to monetize AngularOnRails.com was to write an e-book. I talked to Tim Conley at MicroConf and he asked me why I don’t offer courses on the site. I can’t believe I never thought of that.

I shared my traffic figures with a few people (between 4,000 and 5,000 visits a month) and to my surprise, everybody seemed to think that was a lot. I had had no idea if that was a lot or a little.

I also met a couple other people who run technical courses as a business. I’m scheduled to Skype with both of them to compare notes.

My plans for first couple steps were to write two new blog posts to warm my email list back up, then send them another email asking them what they want to learn. I did write those two blog posts and the first one got featured in Ruby Weekly. (My writing has been featured in Ruby Weekly a number of times before as well.)

My next step will be to send that email asking what people want. Before I get too ahead of myself I think I want to find other people who run technical courses and see what they did and in what order. When people ask me for advice I always say, “If you want to be successful at something, find someone who’s already successful at the thing you want to do, and copy what they did.” So I think I’ll take my own advice.

My last product business attempt, Snip, was my sixth attempt. Here goes number seven.

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