Entrepreneurship Journal, 7/25/2016

Things continue to go well with AngularOnRails.com. Like I said in my last post, I did a book launch on 6/28/2016. Seven people pre-ordered my book (total sales: $273) which I’ll be delivering on September 1st.

At the time I did the launch I had about 300 subscribers to my list and was getting about two new subscribers a day (14 per week). About a week ago I redesigned the homepage for AngularOnRails.com to be optimized for conversion and that week I got 39 subscribers. That’s a 2.79X better than 14/week. There wasn’t a meaningful change in traffic, so that improvement can be pretty safely attributed to the conversion rate.

As of today I have 370 subscribers. I guess in a month I can expect to have (39 * 4.333) + 370 ~= 540 subscribers and in a year I can expect to have at least 2400 subscribers, although I hope and expect that my traffic and conversion rate will go significantly up between now and a year from now.

My planned next steps are:

  • Release the book on September 1st (with announcements to my list beforehand)
  • Promote the book via podcasts, guest posting, and I’m-not-sure-what-else
  • Pre-sell a relatively high-priced course
  • Continue to post new content
  • Expand and improve the book

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