How October 2014 is different than October 2013

  • I’m working at a rate that’s 2X what I had worked for most of 2013, sometimes 3X
  • I have 9 Snip customers instead of the 3 or 4 I had in October 2013
  • Snip is profitable
  • I have the satisfaction of knowing I can earn a whole year’s “real” income while self-employed
  • The Snip website has a couple opt-in forms and Olark chat, which are collecting leads, which didn’t exist in 2013
  • I have a dedicated co-working space that’s a lot better than my previous co-working membership
  • I have a bunch of business relationships that I didn’t have before

How I’d like October 2015 to be different from October 2014

  • Working a max of 20 hours per week on non-Snip stuff
  • At least 50 Snip customers

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