March 2019 Product Revenue Report

For a period spanning August 2016 to June 2017 I put up what I called an income report post showing how much product revenue I had earned that month. My source of revenue during that time was a website called which I eventually decided to give up on, partly because I didn’t actually like the stuff I was teaching.

Then there was a period where I flailed around from idea to idea and didn’t earn any meaningful product revenue from anything. Then in January 2018 I joined 30×500 and got on the right track toward starting a new product business that would actually be successful.

January 2018 to February 2019 was basically a long incubation period that led to my March 2019 launch of Rails Testing for Beginners, an ebook that hopefully has a self-explanatory title.

During my launch I earned $988. During the whole month of March 2019 I earned $1037, making it my best product revenue month since October 2016 and my third-best product revenue month ever. I’m very happy now to have a reason to continue posting these income reports, although now I’m going to call them “product revenue reports” because I think that’s a more accurate way of putting it.

Here’s every meaningful month of product revenue I’ve had since August 2016.

2019 March $1037
2018 October $400
2017 June $185
2017 May $480
2017 April $735
2017 March $352
2017 February $449
2017 January $371
2016 December $428
2016 November $871
2016 October $1580
2016 September $1053
2016 August $868

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