Weekly Snip Report, February 25th, 2015

The last week or so has been crazy for Snip. On Sunday I pushed out a fix for a bug I found in the reporting section, and on Monday I started calling my customers to tell them about it. I expected it to be horrible but nobody was pissed about it, which I found surprising.

Then yesterday one of my customers called me and complained of like 5 different problems, some real, some perceived. That was totally separate from the report issue but coincidentally around the same time. Then, also yesterday, another customer called me with a really good feature request that sucks to not have, but I don’t see how I’ll be able to afford to build it anytime soon, given that I have all those bugs to fix and maybe I’ll like to try to make some sales at some point too.

As of yesterday morning I was already working on moving the trial sign-up form to the home page of the marketing site, so I decided to keep going on that before I focused on bugs, since I had already partially done the form-moving job before but I had to throw the work out because I abandoned it and then it got too out of sync with the rest of the codebase.

Today I also received some money I’ve been waiting on for a long time, so I think I’m finally okay to pay to have the Snip site redesigned. I don’t see any reason why that can’t be done in parallel to the bug fix/missing feature addition work I need to do in the next little bit.

My schedule change has been great for Snip productivity. I’m back on the rails. I wish these product defects weren’t a thing, but whatever.

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