Weekly Snip Report, July 26, 2014

I did a terrible job this week. I’m looking at my calendar for the last week and I didn’t work on Snip at all.

The main reason I didn’t work on Snip at all is because I worked 40 billable hours. I also had a lot of meetings with freelancing prospects. I also worked on my Angular + Rails self-education that I’m hoping will help me get more and better freelancing clients and a higher pay rate.

I’m feeling pretty torn. On one hand, maybe the best thing for Snip is for me to focus 100% for a little while on earning money and building back my savings so money is not a day-to-day concern. But then on the other hand I feel like a wimp for not working on Snip at all, like I’m just one of those lazy assholes who “wants” to run a product business but never actually makes time.

I think focusing on getting BFL healthier is probably the best way to go, though. I technically don’t have any debt, but I do have some sizable outstanding medical bills and a LOT of overdue car repairs, and that stuff is effectively the same thing as debt. I had saved up ten thousand bucks before I went freelance but I ended up burning through it all and now I don’t have any savings. So I feel like I should make getting that stuff out of the way the first priority.

But then again there will always be a bazillion reasons not to work on Snip.

I just don’t fucking know. And the last thing I want is to be all wishy-washy and not be able to make a decision. I don’t want to just run back and forth between BFL and Snip and never really make any meaningful progress on either.

I’ve been thinking more and more that maybe I’m just a “tech guy” and don’t have what it takes to get my own product business off the ground. Three and a half years in and I’m not even close. I know this is a poisonous attitude, and I’ve tried for a long time to squash it, but I’m really starting to doubt myself.

I had been all excited about my new opt-in form but it seems now that people aren’t filling it out anymore. I haven’t gotten a new opt-in in many days.

I’m not considering pulling the plug, though. I guess I’ll just keep trying, knowing that I was evidently born with some good-idea blocker or right-attitude blocker that makes everything take a thousand times longer than it should.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Snip Report, July 26, 2014

  1. Gifford Haynes

    Jason, I have to say keep working at it slowly. If it was easy everyone would do it. After we talked I have gotten a beta customer that wanted to start paying something monthly while the website is still in development! You know what you are doing it is just that it takes longer with an off line niche. Keep going man!


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