Weekly Snip Report, Saturday, March 7th, 2015

Interesting week. On Monday I noticed my seven year-old MacBook was running exceptionally slow. After trying and failing to sufficiently reduce RAM usage I decided to just restart. It wouldn’t turn back on…and I had a pairing session in an hour!

I rushed home and used my wife’s computer for my pairing session, then I took my MacBook to the Apple store to see what the deal with it was. Bad hard drive. The machine also has a bad battery, so between paying to fix both the battery and hard drive (and at the end still owning a laptop from 2008) and just buying a new computer, I went with the latter. I bought a 13″ MacBook Air. It hurt to part ways with the money but it sure fucking feels good to have a brand new computer after living with that old one for so long. The old computer was also somewhat of an embarrassment in front of clients. If I apparently can’t afford a computer that’s not old as fuck with a broken “enter” key, how successful could I be (and therefore how good could I be)? Now that’s one little thing I don’t have to worry about.

While I was in Nigeria I set myself up at a “pairing station” where students could sign up to do pair programming sessions with me throughout the day. I found a sign on the door of my temporary office that said “The Code Clinic” and the students started calling me “Dr. Jason”. I found myself in very high demand (and exasperatingly short supply). When I got back to the states, I thought maybe I could replicate this situation at my new office. I won’t bestow the grandiose title of Dr. Jason upon myself but I will hold office hours at the grandiosely-named Ben Franklin Labs World Headquarters. I describe all this just to mention up the fact that I held my first office hours session last Friday and I remembered, about five minutes before my guests were due to arrive, that I have no wi-fi in the office. I believe both of my guests had MacBook Airs and so weren’t able to get online. Whoops. I realized eventually I would need a wireless router.

So now myself being in possession of a MacBook Air, the time had come when I absolutely needed a wireless router. So I drove straight from the Apple Store to Best Buy and bought a router. I then spent ALL afternoon fucking with the router to try to get it to work and no dice. Long story short, I didn’t get the router working until Wednesday (!). So all that stuff took a big bite out of my week’s productivity.

I wrote several more paragraphs after this but then WordPress lost it. I didn’t write anything terribly important. Talk to you next week.

One thought on “Weekly Snip Report, Saturday, March 7th, 2015

  1. Uzo

    You really should adopt the ‘Dr. Jason’ moniker.

    You dissect Snip on this blog for those curious about building and running a web service.
    You examine Angular and other web technology for your Nigerian clients.
    You prescribe solutions for your clients.


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