Weekly Snip Update, February 18th, 2015

Back in the summer of 2014 (or sometime around then) I had set a schedule of working on Snip for the first hour of every day. The idea was to put the most important work first, and it worked out great because otherwise I would just never get around to working on Snip at all.

Then in November 2014 I landed a new gig teaching programming to students in Nigeria where I would spend 4 hours a day communicating with students, starting at 7am my time due to the 6-hour time difference. This pretty much killed my Snip schedule, and from early November to about now I’ve barely worked on Snip at all (ouch).

In January I actually went to Nigeria. My visit coincided with the opening of a new campus for the students which, long story short, also came with some scheduling changes for the students. I got back to Michigan Monday before last, and within about a week I realized that the schedule on which we were working before the campus change no longer made a ton of sense, especially on my end. I proposed a schedule that started at 8:30am my time. I believe that was Monday, so yesterday was my first day on that schedule.

Yesterday morning I spent about an hour and a half fixing a certain bug and today I finished except for deployment. So my plan from last post now looks like this:

  1. Move trial sign-up form to home page
  2. Set up autoresponders throughout 30-day trial
  3. Redesign website
  4. AdWords
  5. Get as prominent as possible on Capterra (Capterra is the #1 result when you search for “salon software” or “hair salon software”)


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