May 2019 Revenue Report

In March 2019 I launched my new book, Rails Testing for Beginners, and made $988 on the launch with a couple sales later in the month.

April was launchless. My revenue was only $98.

This month I launched a video package to accompany the book. I earned $481 which was less than I expected but in hindsight it makes sense. My list hadn’t grown much since the book launch so almost everyone who got the video launched to them had already had the book launched to them. I did the math afterward and out of ~700 email subscribers, about 5% of them ultimately bought something, whether it be the book by itself or the book + video package. A 5% overall conversion rate isn’t bad.

Now that I have this higher-tier product my focus for the next while will be to get a bunch more subscribers to launch to. I’m tentatively thinking that I’ll wait until I have at least 1000 subscribers to do another launch.

Below is my revenue for every month.

2019 May $481
2019 April $98
2019 March $1037
2018 October $400
2017 June $185
2017 May $480
2017 April $735
2017 March $352
2017 February $449
2017 January $371
2016 December $428
2016 November $871
2016 October $1580
2016 September $1053
2016 August $868

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