November 2016 Angular on Rails income report

I’m gonna try to bang out this post as quickly as possible.

Income in November was $871. Let’s look at that next to the other months:

– August: $868
– September: $1053
– October: $1580
– November: $871

As you can see, November was the first month where revenue went down instead of up. I believe the main reason for this is that I didn’t really do anything in November to make revenue go up. I didn’t do any launches and I barely communicated with my list at all.

Frankly, I don’t have any plans to necessarily do much in December to make income go up either.

I recently hired a business coach who I think I’ll keep anonymous. He’s not really a coach, just a successful person I know who I believe can help me.

In my first call with this coach who I’ll call “B”, he shared two opinions with me that I found kind of surprising: a) my conversion measurement is woefully inadequate and b) I should get off of Gumroad in order to have a better ability to track sales. Now that I see these things, they’re obvious. But I never would have found them myself. This is the exact reason I wanted to hire a coach and the exact type of outcome I hoped for in our call.

B also suggested that I add a content-specific opt-in to each of my 8 or so most popular blog posts. Right now I’m getting about 40 subscribers a week or 120ish a month. Based on my traffic, B seems to believe that I can and should be getting more like 500 new subscribers a month. That would of course be good.

So my priorities right now are:

1. Get adequate conversion tracking set up
2. Add some content-specific opt-ins to my most popular posts
3. Do a few certain other things to improve my landing pages/sales pages

So I expect revenue in December to be pretty low again, probably even lower than in November. But then I’m probably going to expect January to look more like October or even better.

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