Weekly Snip Report, January 31st, 2014

This will probably be a pretty short post as I’m writing it from my phone in my parked car.

I did pretty decent this week. If I recall correctly I made my 3 phone calls each day which is usually the hardest part. What I really need to do is start keeping a daily journal but I somehow keep fucking forgetting.

Highlights this week include getting an email and trial sign up from a chain of Canadian eyelash salons. They want to use Snip for their 5 or so salons, or at least that’s what they said. I don’t want to get my hopes up about it.

Ive had some disappointing phone calls. I had a number of prospects that I thought were really good ones but they seem to be dropping off one by one and going with competitors. The strongest one is just plain not returning my calls, which is of course never a good sign.

But I think I have a good thing going with the 3 phone calls a day rule. If I just keep plowing through that way it seems inevitable that I’ll eventually get a bite.

This week I also worked on my website redesign  I originally built my brochure site in Rails but I understand now that was a mistake. WordPress is just so much better for creating and managing content.

I’ve also been reading a conversion optimization book. My site is really not conversion optimized and I think one of the biggest issues is that I’m asking to get married on the first date. My new site, in addition to having more and better content, will have a more gradual sales funnel that starts with getting the prospect’s email address in exchange for a certain valuable thing…and I have a couple ideas for what that valuable thing could be.

I’m not good at endings. See you next week.

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