Weekly Snip Report, June 13th, 2014

Number of Customers: 7


I have a designer working on a logo and business cards for Snip right now. She showed me some logo ideas and I liked what I saw, and I picked one to go with. Now that that’s out of the way, business cards can be created, and now I won’t look like a stupid loser when salon owners ask me for business cards! This also paves the way for brochures and any other printed material I want to develop in the future.

Distribution Rep Relationships

One thing I’ve been focusing on this week is to find distribution reps with the ultimate goal of forming referral partnerships with them. I’ve been given this idea from several different people, and I have evidence that it’s probably a good idea in that a number of the distributors I’ve talked with so far already have exactly that kind of partnership in place, just with a different salon software company.

Distribution reps are proving hard to find but I had some surprisingly good luck this week. I called one certain beauty supply store and the person who answered happened to know of a stylist who was just about to open her own salon. I met with said stylist yesterday and we talked for TWO HOURS and she seemed to like Snip, so that’s good. She also had a bazillion references for me to supply stores and reps, so I’m definitely going to follow up on those.

In addition to that stylist I also found a rep who just got let go and is as of right now unoccupied, as I understand it. I have a meeting scheduled with her next week.


I’ve tweaked the copy on my homepage per the instructions of a mentor of mine, and I plan to do some more tweaking. My mentor also suggested hiring an article writer to produce some content, which for some reason I’m finding it difficult to bring myself to do. I guess I’m afraid of spending the money and then getting shit for articles or getting decent articles but then not getting any results. But I think I just need to get over that and pull the damn trigger on it. My search rankings these days are pathetic, so I definitely want to improve in this area.

Product Changes

I recently put Honeybadger back on Snip, finally, and it’s come to my attention that there are a number of production errors that are occurring semi-regularly. I think I’d like to squash all those because I know bugs left unchecked have a strange way of multiplying as time goes on.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Snip Report, June 13th, 2014

  1. Kevin Taylor

    Jason, I really admire your perseverance, sounds like you picked a tough niche to take on, but you just keep going, I’m sure you will eventually figure out how to improve and market your product and get those 100 customers!

    1. Jason Post author

      Thanks, Kevin! Things keep getting easier and better as I go, so yes, I believe it’s only a matter of time.

  2. Gifford

    Jason, you are an inspiration. I enjoy reading your updates on Fridays. They are motivational. If you have time to chat about your super early stages I would like to get some insights!


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