Weekly Snip Report, June 20th, 2014

Number of Customers: 7

Thanks for the comments

Before I start I want to say thanks to those of you who have been leaving comments. It’s very rewarding to see that there are people out there getting something out of this blog.

Business cards, branding

My business cards and branding for Snip are motherfucking DONE! Maybe I’ll post what the cards look like here after I’ve paid for everything and it’s all 100% finalized. It feels good to finally have business cards, or at least to have them on order.


This week had some problems. One of my consulting clients had their project unexpectedly paused, and so I’ve been without income for at least a couple weeks. This week I started to get panicky about it.

This made me realize that my sales/marketing pipeline for my consulting business is still pretty weak, and I suppose that my financial safety net could use some work.

So I might pull back a little bit on Snip and focus more on my consulting business for a little bit, because having emergencies on the consulting side doesn’t serve my interests on the Snip side at all. I’d like no have a no-income-emergency-ever kind of business.

I’d write more but I’m out of time. More next week.

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