Weekly Snip Report, May 23rd, 2014

This week was good. I had two in-person meetings with stylists and some phone conversations. Two people signed up online within the last week, and there was a super long period where nobody signed up, that’s pretty cool.

The guy who signed up last Friday is, as far as I can tell, chugging right along with Snip. I’ve talked with him on the phone several times. This is by far the most engaged any online signer-upper has been so far. What’s good/bad about that is that I haven’t changed anything; the difference is on the customer’s end. That’s good because it tells me there are people out there who are inclined to engage with my marketing system and product just the way it is, but the other side of that coin is that I can’t take any credit for this “success” because it’s still basically the same onboarding system (using the term “system” generously) I’ve always had.

Another person signed up today. I did a little googling and it looks like it’s a competitor. I actually see that as a positive indicator. Nobody gives a shit about losers. If a competitor of mine sees me as enough of a threat to want to check me out (an admittedly low threshold, I would guess), that’s an indication that I’m not an absolute nobody. Feels good not to be an absolute nobody.

Yesterday I visited a salon at the suggestion of a friend of mine who knows the owner. That went well. The person I met with, who was not the owner but still evidently a decision-maker, wanted a couple certain easy-to-add features, easy enough that it’s probably worth adding them if that’s a necessary condition of making the sale. We agreed to meet in a week or two.

I also met with a stylist this morning who I thought was one of the owners but is not. She wants her salon to use a scheduling tool but it doesn’t sound like the owners are very motivated to do so. This sale might be a little tougher but as a next step I’m gonna try to get together with the owners.

Last week I mentioned that I was doing a direct mail campaign for BFL. I paid the postage on that yesterday, so I guess it’s going in the mail pretty soon, like maybe today. Looking forward to hopefully getting something back out of that. Getting any calls or emails at all seems too good to be true, but getting nothing at all seems too bad to be true, so either way I’ll be surprised.

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