Weekly Snip Report, May 30th, 2014

This past week has been kind of a blur. I went to a marketing conference on Thursday and Friday in Chicago put on by GKIC. (If you don’t know GKIC or Dan Kennedy and you run a business, check em out.)

As far as I can think, the only new thing that’s happened with Snip is that I scheduled a follow-up meeting with someone I had met with last week. She seems pretty interested, so that’s cool.

Oh, and another new salon signed up for Snip but their name is “A Cut Above” which is a really common salon name, and googling the person’s email address didn’t turn up anything. I emailed the owner but those emails for whatever reason get an abysmally low response rate.

An idea that’s been ruminating in my mind for a really long time is that of what GKIC calls a “shock and awe” package. I received one when I signed up to be a GKIC member. They sent me a big cardboard box full of booklets, CDs, DVDs, etc. So I think what I want to do is when someone signs up for a Snip trial, ask for their mailing address on the next page after they give me their email. Then I can send them a package containing an audio CD, a video DVD, an interactive CD/DVD to put in the computer, some booklets, and maybe some kind of candy or something stupid like that. Because what happens now every time someone signs up for a trial is I just try calling them a thousand times, and so far that approach has worked never.

And just anecdotally it seems that online sign-ups are starting to pick back up, which is super awesome.

Oh, and I’ve been told by my printer that my BFL mailing went out last Friday. I haven’t gotten a single call or email from it. So I guess next time I need to put together a better sales piece. Glad I tried it, though. Excited to do more with direct mail in the not-too-distant future.

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