Weekly Snip Report, May 2nd, 2014

This past week, just like the two weeks before it, were really busy with client work. I’m on an engagement that’s 40 billable hours per week, which if you’re a freelancer you know is kind of insane. This is scheduled to last through mid-June.

The good news is that I think I’m making better progress toward having a better balance between Ben Franklin Labs (my consulting work) and Snip. My problem before was that I was just barely scraping by with the consulting work, which had all sorts of negative side effects. For example, a freelancer with no financial cushion is going to be an overly conservative negotiator, and therefore doom himself to continued financial suckiness.

But this gig I’m on now is at a good rate and good number of hours, and I’m fixing the hell out of my previous financial troubles. Oh, and before I was trying to work for multiple clients and the same time, which I realize now is probably stupid. The only problem now is that I’m already more than maxed out even before I spend any time on Snip. But one thing at a time, I guess. I made the not-enough-money problem go away, and now I just have to optimize for number of hours worked.

I decided some time ago that what I need to do is get to the point where I’m charging 2X, 3X, 4X my original freelancing rate so I can work less and still earn the same amount annually (or even more). It would be great if I could a) work only 10 or so billable hours per week, b) have my BFL marketing system mostly on autopilot, and c) still be earning a “normal” engineer salary. This would presumably allow me to spend 20+ hours per week on Snip which would allow me to actually get some serious shit done on Snip in a reasonable amount of time, and then be able to chuck the consulting work entirely.

One thing I plan to do, and I think within the next week, is to get a direct mail campaign out for BFL. My hope and intention is that I can have, via direct mail, a steady stream of good leads coming in without me having to scan craigslist, attend leads groups and networking events, etc. If I can have a system that brings me leads without me having to spend a whole shitload of time pounding the pavement, and if I can just sit back and relax knowing I won’t have to worry about continually finding consulting work, than that would free up a whole bunch of time and mental energy to focus more on Snip. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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