Weekly Snip Report, May 9th, 2014

Despite my busy-as-fuck-ness it’s been a fairly eventful week for Snip. I don’t deserve any of the credit because everything that’s happened has just fallen into my lap.

I moved into a new co-working space and met two new people, each of whom gave me a good lead. I have a meeting set up with a salon owner in a couple weeks, and I’m in talks with another.

I also got a call from a certain company that’s potentially interested in doing some kind of licensing type deal with me for Snip. I don’t want to say much more than that about it until the talks are concluded.

Still super busy with my consulting work. This morning I met with a printer to finalize a direct mail campaign for Ben Franklin Labs (my consulting business), sent to 1,123 businesses in the US. If that turns out to be anything better than an absolute disaster I’ll be doing more of them over time. I wanna automate my marketing as much as possible and raise my rate as high as possible so I can work on Snip (and spend on Snip) as much as possible.

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