Weekly Snip Report, November 26th, 2014

As of late 2013 I was ranking on the first page of Google for “hair salon software”. Unfortunately my domain name was sniphq.com and I figured I was unlikely to outrank competitors who had “salonsoftware” in their domain names. (Most of the keywords I care about involve the terms “salon” and “software”.) So I switched from sniphq.com to snipsalonsoftware.com, knowing that it would hurt me in the short term but almost certainly be better in the long-term.

I’m happy to report that now, for the first time in about a year, I rank on the first page again for “hair salon software”. It was a long, slow climb to get back there. Hopefully now the ceiling is higher as I expect.

I’m NOT happy to report that I’ve been so busy with client work that I haven’t worked on Snip at all. Fortunately that means money is good, so I can afford to redesign my website sooner.

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