Weekly Snip Report, October 1st, 2014

For several weeks now I’ve been dedicating the first hour of each workday to Snip. This has worked out really well for me. I used to have a huge problem with making time to work on Snip. Now I know I’m going to have a bare minimum of 5 hours in each week, usually more.

Now that I have Google AdWords going, the next step of my plan is to create a free trial sign-up form on my marketing site that triggers an API call to my Rails site that creates an account for the user. That means I can do away with my shitty, long trial sign-up page that I have right now. I’ve actually spent the last several days just paying down technical debt because I’m getting sick of putting Band-Aids on top of Band-Aids and writing each piece of code like it’s the last thing I’ll ever add to Snip. I’ve probably done about enough of that now and I should just get on with writing the account-creation feature.

AdWords continues to slowly do its thing at a max of $15/day. Nothing interesting to report yet except that my ads seem to be ranking pretty well. I also turned on some Facebook ads today. Clicks from FB seem to be really cheap. The AdWords clicks seem to regularly be $5-10 per click, but I’ve gotten 6 FB clicks so far for $2, so that’s about 33 cents a click. Who knows yet, of course, which of the two channels will have a better ROI.

My New Mexico and North Carolina salons both seem to have fallen off the wagon.

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