Weekly Snip Report, October 8th, 2014

Super rushed post this week. I started working on YET ANOTHER design refresh for the Snip site. I’m actually taking away even more stuff and making it even simpler.

I decided that the account creation tie-in I talked about last week can wait until I further improve demo opt-ins.

I changed my pricing page to a lead-gen form on the existing site. That so far has gotten one inquiry, but it turned out to be bogus. (It was a cosmetology student doing a report for a school project.)

AdWords continues to chug along. It seems that my ads targeting “salon management software” have a way higher CTR than anything else. So I might put all my eggs in that basket: turn off all ads except the salon management ads, and talk mainly about salon management on the site.

I turned off Facebook ads for now. Since my current site isn’t converting nearly as well as I expected, I decided to make my opt-in even LOWER commitment for the new minor design refresh, and I figure I might as well not burn any more money before I have that in place. I still have the AdWords going because that continues to collect valuable information about what people are searching for and what kinds of ads they click on. By the way, my new demo opt-in will be simply a big red button on the home page that says “View Demo” – no email or name required there. THEN, on the next page, there will be a form with a first name and email field that you can fill out to view the demo. I’m basically trying to rip off tripbright.com.

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