Weekly Snip Report, Thursday, June 11th, 2015

My landing page was getting a pretty phenomenal conversion rate: roughly 20%. I realized after a while that I didn’t really have anything after that first funnel step that necessarily made a ton of sense as a next step.

I changed the landing page’s CTA from “Get Free Demo” to “Start Your 30-Day Free Trial” after a competitor very generously showed me his Capterra landing page that had free trial as the CTA instead of demo. He claimed to have gotten about 30 new customers over the course of six months from 300 trial sign-ups and $5k in spend.

Rather than trying to be cleverer than other SaaS business owners (which after four and a half years of effort I’ve discovered I’m clearly fucking not), I decided to just copy what my competitor has done in hopes that I might have similar results, or at least even a fraction of the results.

I discovered the other day that about half my Capterra traffic is going not to my landing page but to my homepage, which currently totally sucks. My pricing page is actually completely broken. So I think my next step will be to code up my website’s new design and put it out there.

Consulting is going well. My main client now has enough work for me that it’s basically the equivalent of a full-time job. Perhaps somewhat ironically, this is exactly what I didn’t want when I first started freelancing in October 2013, but now it’s pretty much exactly what I want.

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