Weekly Snip Report, Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

Last week I reported a 20% conversion rate on my landing page based on 15 visits and 3 conversions. Those numbers have risen to 67 and 14, for a conversion rate of about 21%.

I’m surprised and delighted that something is actually working. At least, it appears so far to be working. Twenty percent is a plenty acceptable conversion rate. I’ll still be happy if it ends up averaging out at 10%.

I said last week that next I planned to put up a demo video on the page the user sees after filling out the “Get Free Demo” form. I’ve done this. The only other thing I put on this page is a couple testimonials and a “Start Free Trial” button above and below the video.

I think the next step is to properly set up conversion tracking from the “demo video” step to the “start free trial” step. This is a challenge because the demo video lives on my WordPress site (snipsalonsoftware.com) while the trial sign-up form (and everything after that) lives on Heroku (app.snipsalonsoftware.com). You apparently have to do something in Mixpanel beyond the normal stuff because I plugged in those steps and they aren’t working right away.

But anyway, the landing page that’s converting at 20% (even if I’m off by a whole 10%) is a meaningful, permanent victory all by itself. This isn’t an “event” like getting a new customer out of the blue that’s a positive thing but non-lasting. It’s a foundational victory off of which more victories can be built.

I also had someone call me on Monday who clicked on one of my ads and visited my landing page. She ended up starting a free trial and it sounds like she’s off to a pretty good start.

I’m hesitant to get prematurely excited but things are looking very good so far.

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