Weekly Snip Report, Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

Since last week (I think it was) I’ve been able to talk on the phone a couple times with a certain prospect. Two days ago he didn’t answer the phone when we had a scheduled appointment to talk, but then later that day he entered a good amount of info into his free trial. I called him again yesterday and my plan is to call him roughly daily until we reconnect. I’ve been learning from Steli to have more “follow-up hustle”.

I’ve been reading Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins. It has really knocked my dick in the dirt, in a good way. Today I went through and totally re-did the copy on my landing page to reflect what I’ve learned from the book. I also added a lot more copy. I don’t have a good way of knowing whether the changes will have a positive effect on conversions, but I figure the quality of my copy should match my current level of copywriting knowledge/skill. I would link to the page but I don’t like to do that because it results in bogus leads.

I just have a couple minutes before a meeting…on the consulting side, the startup I was working for ran out of money and I got a new gig subcontracting for a local agency. (My job search only lasted 24 hours!) I also quit Andela because it was too little income as a part-time gig, but too much of a time commitment on top of something else. Sad but necessary.

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