Weekly Snip Report, Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

Exactly two weeks ago I changed my landing page lead form from name/email to name/email/phone. The reason was that I was getting a good conversion rate (about 20%) but not a lot of engagement. I would see people give me their email address and then I wouldn’t necessarily ever get to talk to them.

I expected that this would affect my conversion rate and it did. It went from about 20% to about 10%. (As of today it’s actually 8.33%, although it’s been higher and might go back up.) So adding the phone number seems to have roughly cut the conversion rate in half. This seems worth it to me, though, because in my mind a lead with both phone number and email is more than twice as valuable as a lead with just email. Now I can call their asses over and over until they finally either move to the next step or tell me to fuck off.

Last time I blogged I had mentioned two strong prospects. They both became customers since then.

My plans for the near future are to fix some miscellaneous issues with the website that I think are affecting conversion.

So since I got two new customers in June by spending about $500, I’ll be interested to see if spending another $500 gets me another two customers or what.

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